The Internet Is Not Yet Ready For Long TLDs

January 20, 2020

For a while, I tried using a .email domain name for my email address. The new world of TLD’s continues to grow and diversify, and this was a perfect application.

As I started migrating online accounts to the new address, a number of website forms would reject it as an invalid email. Most used one of the following verifications 1) regex based TLD length requirement (.email being five would fail) 2) a whitelist of valid domains (of which did not include .email). About half the websites would only do a javascript based verification, which I could bypass with some clever curling, but the server-side verifications were a problem. Until websites drop these antiquated verifications, using a domain name that ends in .email will be a nuisance.

The non-Internet is also not ready. When answering questions in real life like “and what’s your email?”, I’d find skeptics think it wasn’t a real address. I also came across people mishearing “dot gmail” instead of “dot email”. With roughly half the people I told, there would be some issue.

I have since switched back to a traditional, boring .com domain name. Basic, but hassle free.

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